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Trapiche Sapphire

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641 carat/s World Largest Gem Quality Trapiche Sapphire

Posted on GUBELIN GEM LAB official Facebook page as one of the amazing mineral specimens:

LOGO trapiche gem qualityNo treatment – 100% natural

No indication of heating (NTE)

Approximately 55 mm x 46 mm x 26 mm (height)
Arms of trapiche 43 mm

Gemstone variety: Sapphire (Trapiche)
Species: Corundum

Color: medium dark Blue; very slightly grayish (light blue at center of crystal, darker blue on outer parts, golden yellow arms, center with six-fold symmetry brown)

Clarity: Translucent to transparent in transmitted light in blue parts

Cut quality: Polished cross section

Shape: Hexagonal Rough & Polished single crystal

Inclusions: Color zoning (light blue and darker blue), trapiche‐like pattern
Fluorescence: LW: Inert & SW: Inert
Phosphorescence: No

Origin: Southeast Asia

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